From the smallest repair job to complete renovation, we provide a professional and highly-experienced tiled roofing service. Whether clay, concrete or slate, we source only the highest quality-grade roof tiles to make sure your new roof stands the test of time.

How does it work?
Tiled roof tiles are hung from the framework of a roof by fixing them with nails. The tiles are usually hung in parallel rows, with each row overlapping the row below it to keep out rainwater and to cover the nails that hold the row below.

There are also roof tiles for special positions such as ridge, hip and valley tiles, particularly useful where the planes of the several pitches meet. These can either be bedded and pointed in cement mortar or mechanically fixed.

What roof tiles are best for me?
Every roof and every home is different, so we’re happy to talk to you to find out what tiles will best suit you needs.

Slate is particularly suitable as a roofing material as it’s extremely low on water absorption, making it resistant to frost damage. A slate roof can provide a long-lasting weathertight roof with a lifespan of around 80–100 years.